Utilities are under ever-increasing pressure by regulators, consumer groups and customers, to improve their operational efficiencies. The challenge to continuously identify and implement efficiencies, while maintaining a “zero-cost curve” trajectory, is challenging.  The emphasis on keeping future rate increases as close to zero as possible, is a daunting, yet an achievable goal. Although each Utility is an independent entity, there are opportunities for them to bend the cost curve in their favor through operational efficiencies.  Some common areas where technology has leap-frogged in recent years though Utilities may not have maximized the savings. There are five areas of potential operational efficiencies that could be driven by recent advances in technology:

  • Defensible Data Hosting
  • eDiscovery
  • Defensible Social Media Analytics
  • Data Breach Prevention/Remediation and
  • Insurance Policy Compliance

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  • Gas Brokers
  • Gas Meter Measurement Supplies
  • Utility Line Construction