MSDS has consistently demonstrated the capability, experience and expertise necessary for planning, designing, testing, developing, enhancing and the deployment of healthcare software solutions.  We managed the integration of Electronic Health Record systems (EHR) with other identified systems through the development of Application Program Interfaces (API’s). We have also developed comprehensive training materials for our EHR system.

MSDS has processed and provided over 20,000 biometric smart cards during the development and implementation of the EHR system in South Africa. The biometric smartcards utilize an SIM chip, similar to those found in cell phones to store an encrypted copy of the patient’s entire medical history, which is more durable and secure than a paper record and ensures that the cards can be easily replaced. MSDS’ design system generates crystal reports for monitoring and reporting purposes and therefore more secure data transmission of patient data.

MSDS has provided:

  • Document scanning and Document Management Systems
  • Biometric systems integration
  • Patient records integration, scanning and storage
  • X-Ray image & CAT scan image magnification software along with side-by-side imaging
  • Pharmaceutical logistical distribution
  • Symptoms diagnosis and care management
  • Cell phone text –patient appointments, etc.
  • Bar coding and scanning
  • All programs and software are HIPPA Compliant