Inventory Management

For over 30 years, MSDS management has provided inventory management and inventory control to organizations across a variety of industries. Our support with each client will be customize with their business process and inventory control experience. MSDS works with the client to customize the inventory control and ensure that all appropriate data is recorded and included in the final inventory data reports.

Our inventory specialists are thoroughly trained and are well versed in field-experience allowing them to quickly identify equipment and capture all applicable product information pertaining to each asset within an organization.

  • MSDS maintain various inventory management databases in various federal agencies
  • Establish warehouse polices and procedure, establish inventory control point on stock items
  • We maintain shelve life on consumable goods and ensure proper disposal expired goods
  • MSDS understand HazardousWastedisposition and comply with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards for employee safety
  • MSDS has a working knowledge and understand Title 41, U.S. Code Public Contracts and Property Management Regulation, Subtitle C, Chapter 101
  • Understand Federal policies and procedures for the transfer of excess stock within the agency and to other agencies
  • We have provided training at the U.S. Army Quartermaster school in Fort Lee, VA
  • We have certified DOD instructed in-house which develop curriculum on inventory management